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Alleviate pain and reduce stress…by walking?

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Long-lasting results to relieve pain and stress with PureInsole

Pain relief in an instant

The natural aging process often comes hand in hand with increasing bouts of pain. Instead of taking painkillers with all manner of artificial ingredients, PureInsole slots inside your shoe to offer a natural remedy to combat chronic foot pain, using traditional Asian acupressure methods. Enjoy the benefits of reflexology and acupressure wherever you go.

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1 Reduce stress

Pain relief isn’t the only benefit; the specially-designed acupoints soothe and restore balance, targeting any stress and anxiety in your body.

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2 Easy to clean

Made from a moisture-wicking material, PureInsole stay dry and are easily wiped clean.

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3 Fight Fatigue

By providing stimulation along nerve channels, PureInsole delivers a boost of energy to keep you going throughout the day

Restore natural balance across your entire body

Holistic healing to keep your body and mind as one

Say ‘NO’ to Chemicals

Using traditional Asian acupressure methods, PureInsole provides a natural remedy, keeping your body free of unnecessary toxins.

Designed to fit any shoe

PureInsole features clear instructions on how to cut your insole to fit any shoe, so you’ll never have to make do without it. Whether you want to wear heels or open-toe shoes, PureInsole can be easily transferred to your favourite pair.

400 Massage Points for the ultimate comfort

  • Healthy blood flow encouraged from 5 cooling points, creating natural magnetic waves
  • 12 large acupoints and 120 medium acupoints to massage with every step
  • 270 micro acupoints, targeting stress reduction and relieving pain.

Customer Reviews

Carly M.

These insoles are the real deal. I've read a lot about reactive insoles and was super curious to try those after seeing some advertisements online. After going on my first walk, I instantly could tell a difference. My feet didn't hurt at all and I feel my back pain also got better.

John S.

I have been been recommending PureInSoles to all of my friends. I label it as the best buy of 2021 so far. You really will feel a difference already doing every-day stuff. I just purchased 4 more and will give them away for birthdays. Thanks guys for developing such a great product.

Beth L.

I have been suffering from neuropathy and “burning” feet over the past 2 years. After buying the PureInSoles I couldn't believe the difference they made. A few weeks in - my feet stopped hurting and there was literally no discomfort anymore


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